Revised Psalm 143

January 9, 2018

For this psalm I just tried to recast the enemy in a more personal way. . .

Lord, hear my prayer;
in your faithfulness listen to my plea.
Answer me in your kindness.

Do not judge your servant– we both know
Before you no living being can be just
My life is crushed to the ground
I am surrounded by darkness
My spirit is faint within me
My heart is dismayed
But I remember history
I recall the working of your hands
For the Jews and for me
I reach for you
I thirst for you
But the desert overtakes me. . .

Answer me, Lord!
For my spirit fails me
Do not hide your face from me
Lest I descend into the pit of despair
At dawn draw near and let me hear your voice
I’ve known your kindness
In you I trust
Show me the path I should walk
To you I entrust my life
Rescue me Lord
In you I hope
Teach me to do your will
For you are my God, my guide
Into the depths and up to the summit

No ground is level
For man but the grave
But in your name
There is life

Lead me out of my suffering
Put an end to my woe
Destroy what attacks my soul
And hold me in your love.
I am your servant, your child
May I bear your likeness.

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