Chairmeowww Laments >!!< Facebook's Promote Option

January 9, 2018

I’ve been having a hard time posting to Facebook lately.  I don’t know why, exactly, but I find myself more willing to comment / like others’ content and more cautious about posting my own.  Also, I appear to be going through some kind of horse activism phase, and in my own dislike of others’ use of Facebook for causes, I am vaguely, but definitely, chagrined at myself.  So what if a horse is trapped behind bars at a county fair whilst depraved excessive humans stroll about gnawing on barbequed turkey legs and drinking beer?  The world doesn’t have to be fair.

Be Happy Mr. Horse, At Least You’re Not On Facebook

In any case, my dearest friend’s mom died and I got engaged TO BE MARRIED on what seemed to be the same day.  So I didn’t make an announcement on Facebook.  Also there was something strange about even thinking about FACEBOOK during a life milestone.  When someone has a baby in 2012 /13 — do they think, I’m crowning! Can’t wait to post this to Facebook! I guess to the degree that the F is a stand-in web file for all the friend and folks you choose to keep in touch with, it makes sense, despite the over-exposure of private life and self.  But lately, with the small fiddle faddling from Facebook Management with my side of the web experience, I’ve felt loathe to occupy a living room that I am leasing.  Specifically, a living room in which I am leasing small peepholes that allow for the measurement of the diameter of my uterus as I type my daily updates. “I’m having Starbucks today, feeling jolly!”  — 10cm.

The idea of addressing the web and friends through the web is a.o.k. by me.  I love the idea.  I’ve loved Facebook for making it possible.  But the appearance, disappearance, and reappearance of the “PROMOTE” option updates about personal life to personal friends has literally make me feel. . .sick.  Oh entrepreneurs of the web!  Offer your services, but don’t offer them for free, because then you have to come up with stupid ways to monetize.  It’s always been okay to charge folks for a decent service provided.  IDIOTS!!!!!!  or should I say Eeeeediots! FEEECESBook!  Wahhhhh!

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