Happy Mother’s Day To Me

January 9, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day-to-me the day after Mother’s Day. Mostly because my mom is like the anti-mom, in only good ways. Today, after talking wedding stuff with her and my dad into a total vortex of shared hopelessness, she didn’t even really pause before she cheerfully suggested that I just decide what to do on my own without consulting them.  “Will that make it better?”  Um, yes.  “Do whatever will make you happy!  You’re big enough to know at this point…We’ll just come and enjoy! Make planning easier!”

What?!!! Where are the fights? The CRYING! The NO-MOM-I-DON’T WANT-A-BIRD-THEME.

This is too easy. . .

Hey now. . .wait a minute.  Them some cute birdies!

What’s even cuter, is that during most of the earlier part of the conversation, the two of them had been interrupting each other quite a bit.  “Are you done?”  “I’m not done!” has become their style now that they qualify for senior discounts.  But when my mom was explicating the benefits of trusting me to make these decisions as I best saw fit, Dad didn’t say a word, but I could tell he was silently approving of his choice for wife and mother-of-his-children.  He didn’t marry her just cuz she was good-looking (she was beautiful!), he married her because she was unique and would say something like this when she was in her mid-sixties.

Maybe I completely imagined it– like I said, he was quiet the whole time, but…


Makes me think marriage is okay and that I’ll go through with it.

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